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Improve Access, Reduce Costs, Increase Quality, All At Once

  • Addressing America’s $2 Trillion Healthcare Problem

    Our elegant, efficient, economical and anti-nosocomial facilities save lives. A myriad of health & economic benefits comes from our operational simplicity and advanced technology. Healthcare teams are able to be responsible for the outcomes of their care of patients. Healthcare service delivery is more efficient, less expensive, more manageable, more viable and sustainable. Improved diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up from efficient use of personnel and continuous access to experts though real time audio/visual connectivity. Fast facility deployment and reconfiguration allow operators to deliver more and better services with the same or fewer resources.
  • CareCyte Service Delivery

    We put healthcare teams and patients together in ways that allow the teams to be responsible for the outcomes of their work with patients. Workflows centered on doctor-patient interactions, and organized around care pathways give a human face to service delivery, minimize opportunities for errors, dramatically reduce workloads, reduce costs, and improve space utilization. We reduce the movement of patients and increase their comfort. Advanced computer and networking technologies play key roles, enabling: Communications among doctors, professionals, and patients Access to patient records, care plan status, and medical databases Insuring the integrity of workflows designed for effective care. People and technology work together to assure that things do not fall through cracks. As diagnoses are checked with experts (and in databases), errors are reduced across the board, and patient wellbeing and health are increased.
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  • CareCyte’s Revolutionary Offer

    CareCyte is offering unique facilities designed for 21st Century Medicine. The facilities are efficient, elegant, less expensive to build and operate and flexible. We know that many providers are doing more with less, but we believe that a good facility will enable them to provide better care with less stress. CareCyte’s unique SIMS Facilities™ (Scalable Integrated Medical Services™) are elegant, efficient, economical, fast, anti-nosocomial, and flexible. -Cellular design of healthcare service delivery workflows help doctors do their work and simultaneously improve the quality of care and space utilization. -Advanced IT and telecommunications capabilities improve diagnoses, interventions, record-keeping, and follow-up of healthcare service delivery. -A new style of ownership, administration, and delivery of health care services provides unprecedented quality and benefits to hospital operators and managers, doctors and professionals, and patients. We are willing to work with you to help provide the best funding option.
  • HealthCare for the 21st Century

    Much of the way we provide healthcare is defined by the 19th century style and it's not working. Doctor's are harried, working more hours to make ends meet, nurses are working long hours just to keep up, and patients are increasingly unsatisfied with the care they're receiving. We offer a solution. CareCyte believes that change is possible, we can change the way healthcare is provided, give doctors and nurses more time and help the patients. Our facilities are efficient and combined with some of our proposed changes in how healthcare is provided significant changes are possible.

If you like what you see in CareCyte, please help us …

Posted by Chauncey on January 17, 2009


Thanks to all who posted votes and comments there.

Adding to this post: I’ve put the Obama team proposal here as well, because some people were having trouble finding it.

We posted our proposal to the Obama Healthcare team around the first of the year. It is available at our web site. The introductory paragraph says this:

“This document is addressed to President-Elect Barack Obama’s healthcare team to suggest how we could work together to significantly reduce the costs of healthcare service delivery and increase quality at the same time. Additionally, our approach will contribute directly to the economic recovery—not only by creating jobs to build the new infrastructure, but also by using automobile plants for the manufacture of healthcare facility components. Finally, the facilities we are proposing are well-suited to satisfy urgent needs of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to provide better care for soldiers.”

Now the proposal has been entered into the “Citizen’s Briefing Book.” The most interesting proposals in that book are, I understand, headed for the President-elect’s hands after the Inauguration. Part of the process of getting it into the President’s hands is to have it get attention from those reading in the briefing book. People vote on the suggestions there.

Here is my request: Vote us up in the rankings!

How do you do that?

  1. Read the document. It’s 10 pages of gripping stuff that is relevant to our world.
  2. Go to the website and sign in. Click on this URL:

3. Once you have signed in, you will be taken away from our proposal, so you will have to click on the URL above again to get back to it.

4. “Vote” by pushing the “Vote up” button.

5. If you are inspired to do so, leave a comment there.

6. Let us know that you have done that.

7. Register on the CareCyte website or here on our blog so that we can keep you informed about our progress.

Thank you very much!

All the best,



4 Responses to “If you like what you see in CareCyte, please help us …”

  1. Carolyn Manson said

    I voted “yes” and hope that this moves forward FAST.

  2. Carecyte shows us how to get from here to there and should be part of the new thinking and acting in healthcare. I support it.

  3. William Fisher said

    I support the designs that CareCyte has developed with all my heart. This, to me, is the future of effective (and cost-effective) medical care in our nation, and one needs only to look at the past design successes of Chauncey Bell and his associates to feel immense confidence in the thoroughness and efficacy of these ideas. This represents genuine possibility. I vote yes–absolutely. Bill Fisher

  4. Ward L. Sanders said

    I vote for the healthcare method and design proposed by CareCyte. I believe the defined format is in keeping with the safety and quality of care needs of our people and the improved productivity and economic needs of our nation. Ward L. Sanders

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